Objectives of  


establishments :

  • to make muslims economically weak.
  • to control muslim population growth.
  • to keep muslims away from power and politics ; and
  • Most Dangerous : to effect a reduction of population.

    The broad objectives of the anti Muslim establishments and governments conspiring against the Muslims are enumerated above. Out of these, the objectives of
    a) making the Muslims economically weak and
    b) controlling the Muslim population growth
    are partially met by simply getting the muslims engaged in the routine activities of the Tableegh Jamaa'ath. These activities ensure that the member is away from his business or job for a sizeable portion of his time and due to his absence at crucial situations, his clients or employer learn to manage the situations without him and, therefore, gradually lose interest in him.

    Dissuading from seeking wealth and power :

    In most of the speeches made by the Jamaa'ath’s speakers, they repeatedly say : "Nothing is achieved with money, Nothing is achieved with government." ("Paison se kuch nahin hota, hukoomath se kuch nahin hota") ; then they say: "Whatever is done is done by Allaah." ("Sab kuch karnay wali zaat Allaah ki hai".) Here, they cleverly set these things - money and government - against Allaah, whereas seeking or using these things do not constitute an act against Allaah. Allaah himself has repeatedly directed us in the Qur-aan to seek His bounty and to govern according to His book.

    Of Qaaroon, of the times of Moses (peace be upon him), Allaah says in Qur-aan that He bestowed him with such treasures that their very keys would have been a burden to a body of strong men. What was the advice to Qaaroon about his wealth? Was he told to dump it all in the sea? No. He was told to seek the Home of the Hereafter with which Allaah has bestowed on him and not to forget his portion in this world ; but do good, as Allaah has been good to him, and not seek to do mischief in the land ; for Allaah loves not those who do mischief. (Surah Al-Qasas 76, 77).

    Of government, in three verses (No. 44, 45 & 47) of Surah Al-Maaidah, Allaah calls those who do not rule by the book revealed to them, as: 1) unbelievers, 2) wrongdoers and 3) rebels.

    The speakers of the Jamaa'ath thus unfairly set these two means - wealth and power - which could be utilized for the betterment of one's Aakhirah, the hereafter, against Allaah when they say: "Nothing is achieved with money, Nothing is achieved with government. Whatever is done is done by Allaah." The hearer gets the impression that attempting to obtain wealth or government is like attempting to overlook Allaah and is thus dissuaded from pursuing these things.

    Curtailing the population growth

    The growth in population of the Muslims is sought to be curtailed by keeping the husbands away from the wives. Apart from the 20% of the nights he is away on the 40 days-in-year (11%) and 3 days-in-a-month (9%) routine, the members are also required to spend one night of each week in the ‘markaz’ of the halqah (circle). This adds up another 12 to 13% of the nights he is kept away from his family. The total percentage comes to 50%, when we add up the requirement to keep away when the wives are unclean. Apart from this forced separation, the book read by them daily, encourages smaller families.

    Reducing the Muslim population :

    Their attempts to make Muslims economically weak or the attempts to check the population growth may or may not have succeeded to the extent they desire. But one thing we have to be extremely careful is about their plans to effect a reduction of the Muslim population, through nefarious designs.

    Haphazard Activities :

    Before enumerating their designs to effect a reduction of the Muslim population, I would like to draw your attention to how the various types of groups of the Ummah are operating in a haphazard manner claiming to serve the Ummah. You may ask: "What is the benchmark for determining whether or not the groups of the Ummah are operating in a haphazard manner?" The benchmark is : The life sketch of our prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Allaah tells us in Surah Al-Ahzaab : 21 : "You indeed have in the messenger of Allaah a beautiful pattern (of conduct) for any one whose hope is in Allaah and the Final Day and who engages much in the remembrance of Allaah."

    Broad life sketch of our prophet.

    The life sketch of our prophet is very clear in the matter of priorities and the various stages of his activities / mission are very well spaced :

    1. First, the prophet called upon the people to believe in Allaah and obey His messenger, that is the prophet himself.
    2. Some believed and others disbelieved.
    3. The non-believers started persecuting the believers.
    4. The believers remained steadfast in the wake of the sufferings and persisted with the call towards submission to Allaah.
    5. When the persecution became unbearable, they migrated towards people inclined towards Islaam and well disposed towards Muslims ; to a place where the deen of Allaah could be established.
    6. When kaafirs, the non-believers, continued with their troubling and prepared for armed attacks and invasion, they responded similarly thus commencing armed struggle, Jihaad.
    In our times, there is already a vast Muslim Ummah which believes in Allaah, but it is in bad health due to misguidance imparted to it. Similarly, in the times of our prophet, there were the People of the Book who were steeped in invented beliefs. The aberrations in their belief was pointed out simultaneously with the call to the pagans to believe in Allaah. Those who believed in Allaah, obeyed forthwith His commands thus reforming their character, as and when the relevant verses were revealed through the prophet. Today, since the Muslims too are steeped in distorted beliefs to a large extent, alongside the People of the Book, reformation of Muslims is important before we could invite the People of the Book or the pagans to Islaam. Otherwise, the non-muslims will ask about Islam and Muslims : "If the tree is so good, why are its fruits not good".

    Our compartmentalized groups.

    Today, our compartmentalized groups carry out all the various stages of the prophet's life simultaneously but each group carries out exclusively one aspect in isolation, without regard to the priorities and without a central command or co-ordination.

    1. One group claims to concentrate on the reform of the Muslims alone but generations pass away doing that work, fruitlessly.
    2. Some other groups do da’wah among the non Muslims.
    3. Some groups are exclusively engaged in jihaad activities.
    The Jihaad organizations do not care about da’wah to non Muslims or the reform of the Muslims ; neither the organizations doing da’wah among non Muslims care about the reform of the Muslims.

    The hypocrites' role in Engineered Conflicts.

    In areas of conflict, there is always a multiplicity of Muslim organizations fighting the projected enemy. They are not under one command but represent their various sponsors who are differentiated by nationality, sect or their different objectives and interests in the conflict.

    Among them there are the hypocrites. A study of the Qur-aanic verses would show that even the days of our prophet were not free from hypocrites. How should we not, then, be careful about and look for possible hypocrites among us, specially in the risky field of Jihaad. They were there, and they will always be there, to spy for our enemies, to cause dissension in our ranks, to discourage us and defeat us in the task at hand.

    Most of these conflicts taking place in the name of 'Jihaad' are ‘insincere’ or ‘engineered’ conflicts. By this, I mean such conflicts which are devised for the sole purpose of involving Muslims in it and keep it alive for years together.

    Such conflicts are kept alive, so as
    1. to instigate the participating Muslims to commit periodically violent acts that are intended to show Islaam and Muslims in bad light, and
    2. to bring motivated Muslims to the field of conflict, so that they get killed and that too for a cause unworthy in the sight of Allaah. I recount a meeting with a person who tried to instigate and initiate me into such conflicts.

    Sowing and reaping

    The right victims.

    The members of the Tableegh Jamaa'ath, having been brain washed with narratives of Jihaad carried out by the prophet and his companions and having been told thousands of times : " Deen will advance only with sacrifices." (in Urdu : " Deen sirf qurbaaniyon say aagay badhaygaa.") and having been trained to repeatedly sacrifice the comforts of home, they are the right people to be targeted for calling upon to participate in the engineered Jihaads.

    I suspect that dragging believing motivated muslims to these vain conflicts has been going on for quite some years in areas like Pakistan, because 'jihaad' had been going on to its north, in Afghanistan, for nearly a decade and later the Kashmir hostilities to its south.

    In India, however, there has been no enlisting to proceed to Jihaad. But since many years, veteran members of the Tableegh Jamaa'ath have been mentally kept prepared and foretold that they would be called upon to participate in Jihaad in the future. This serves to comfort those members who would otherwise feel uneasy about the total absence of any connection or comparison between the struggles of the prophet (and his companions) and the present day flaccid activities carried on by the Jamaa'ath members.

    Holes in a mujaahid's speech

    From a recording of a speech delivered by a cleric in Pakistan, I came to know that enlisting of Muslims for Jihaad was being carried on there, in an almost similar style like the one of the Tableegh Jamaa'ath (for going out), but only that the speeches are much more passionate. The speech evokes the listeners’ emotions to compelling heights and many could be heard giving their names for Jihaad, on-the-spot.

    On careful study, however, I could discern many unacceptable points in the speech  :

    1. During the speech, the cleric eulogizes the Deoband Madrasah, in Deoband, U.P., India. (This institution supports the Tableegh Jamaa'ath, promotes the Sufi school of thought and the practice of calling the learned aalims "maulaana" was started by this madrasah.)

    2. At the end of the speech, the cleric praises the jihaad organization to which he belongs and says that by God’s grace, this organization has Mr. x,y,z as its guardian, who is the best (Islaamic) jurist of present times. This surprised me, because people in the gathering responded to his call realizing the duty they owe to Allaah and in the name of Allaah. Nobody asked whether he belonged to any organization at all and no one seemed to be sensitive to such questions. This uncalled for sectarian promotion of his organization's name alerted me.

    3. At an emotional moment in the speech, the cleric thundered :
    " We will do Jihaaaaad ; We will give them da’wah and we will do jihaad. "
    If I were at the scene, I would have asked him to pause for a while and repeat what he just now said about da’wah (inviting non-Muslims to Islaam) and elaborate as to when and whom he is going to invite. Throughout his speech, he has been talking about jihaad and nothing else but jihaad. And in an unguarded moment, he has spoken about a thing that normally precedes jihaad, among other things. He says: "We will give da’wah (invitation) and do jihaad" (in Urdu : "Daawat day kar jihaad karengay.") How can he be sure that they will not accept the invitation to Islaam. Even if they do not accept and respond with rejection (kufr), we are not supposed to take up arms against them for rejecting the call.
    Through the words of a messenger of Allaah, Shu'aib (peace be upon him), we are instructed by Allaah in Surah Al-A’araaf , verse 87:
    "And if there is a party among you who believes in the Message with which I have been sent, and a party which does not believe, hold yourselves in patience until Allaah decides between us : for He is the best to decide."
    But the groups that are engaged in Jihaad single-mindedly conduct - only Jihaad. They are in no way concerned with the da’wah work, though they know that in the prophet's life jihaad has been preceded by :
    1. Da’wah towards Islaam.
    2. rejection of Da’wah by some.
    3. Expulsion from our homes / domicile and initiation of armed hostilities by the kuffaar.
    From the slip made in the speech by the Pakistani cleric, we come to know that for the 'jihaadi' organizations, da'wah is a matter of formality. Kufr (rejection) is taken for granted and is an expected response.
    Still worse, some people find solace in calling all non-Muslims as 'kaafirs'. Whenever anyone uses the term 'kaafirs' to loosely refer to non-Muslims, I ask him questions such as:
    1. "Does someone become a kaafir upon rejection of Da'wah towards Islaam, or are there born kaafirs?"
    2. "In a village of 1,000 kuffaar, if a baby is born now, does that make the population of kuffaar in that village 1,001?"
    3. "Upon being bestowed with prophethood, did our prophet immediately went out calling the Meccans :'Yaa ayyuhal kaafiroon...., I am going to slash your necks. ?" No.
    Far from that, our prophet has been a good model of reasoning, patience and perseverance in his mission of conveying the truth to the ignorant and resorted to Jihaad only when the circumstances justified that.


    The meaning of the Arabic word 'Jihaad' is striving. But most of the time it is used in the meaning of another Arabic word 'Qitaal' meaning fighting, (as also in this article), which, obviously, involves a lot of striving.


    'Jihaad' (in the meaning of fighting) is permitted under certain circumstances and is made compulsory in the circumstances that warrant it.
    One of the circumstance that necessitate jihaad is when people are expelled from their homes for no other reason except that they say: "Our Lord is Allaah", i.e., just for being a Muslim. That is a totally non-provocative state, even for which Muslims could suffer persecution at the hands of non-muslims.

    For many a decades now, occupation of or incursion into muslim areas by non-muslims has kept the ummah busy vacating these territories. These fights are primarily to regain land. These fights have not come into existence as a result of opposition to da'wah to the non-muslims towards Islam. On the other hand, these are our reactions to the conspiratorial and pre-emptive manoeuvres by the enemies of Islam. And we react to what they want us to react to, where they want us to react to.

    The game-plans of our enemies.

    In the jihaad in Afghanistan fought by us Muslims in the 1980s, we were actually used as a tool by a powerful non-muslim country to defeat its rival non-muslim country. Arabian countries paid for the weapons which the 'super-power' supplied for the war effort and it was again the Blood of the Muslims alone which the 'super-power' drained to achieve its own objectives.

    The Russian intervention and occupation of Afghanistan (1979) itself was engineered through a ploy by the U.S.A. is revealed by Zbigniew Brezinski, the National Security Advisor in the administration of President Carter. He writes : " I wrote a note to the President in which I explained to him that in my opinion, this aid (to the Mujahideen Movement's birth) (words in paranthesis mine) would result in military intervention by the Soviets ...... We didn't push the Russians to intervene, but we consciously increased the probability that they would do so." (Source: Frontline Fortnightly, October 13-26, 2001.)

    Every common Muslim would be thinking that Russia by itself invaded and occupied Afghanistan. But here, a top official of the U.S.A. discloses that the Russians were instigated to militarily intervene in Afghanistan (so that a proxy war could be launched against it using Muslim blood).

    Having thus defeated their main enemy, the Communist U.S.S.R., the western powers turned their attention towards Islam, by targeting Muslim nations, which they considered as an enemy to its perverted values.

    In this. their modus-operendi was again manifold, which resulted in a huge financial drain, colossal loss of lives, loss of sovereignty for several Muslim nations and, above all, a psychological despair for the members of the Ummah. They engineered infighting among several Muslim nations and groups and floated and bloated many super-heroes so as to popularize them among the world Muslims and then they themselves pin-pricked the super-heroes to cause despair among Muslims.

    All this was done primarily to gain or consolidate their access to and control over certain muslim countries and to weaken certain other muslim countries. These conspiracies also served their basic purpose of providing fodder to the war factories back home, which account for a sizeable protion of their GDP.

    The notable among their game-plans are:

    1. a) Encouraging Iraq to capture Kuwait, thereby gaining access to Saudi Arabian territories for the declared purpose of liberating Kuwait ; b) Bombarding and damaging Kuwaiti properties and installations on the pretext of liberating it (so as to get contracts for rebuilding them) ; c) Not demolishing the Iraqi leadership even at a time when it was within their easy reach, in order to continue their unholy presence in Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries. d) Subjecting the Iraqi people to starvation, diseases and poverty utilizing the notional U.N.O. (which I call the Unarmed Notional Organization) sanctions.

    2.  Approving tacitly the large-scale killing of Muslims, by remaining mute spectators (and keeping the captive U.N.O. silent or dilly-dallying) to the crushing of freedom struggles in Bosnia, Palestine, Chechenya and Kashmir. (The same western nations quickly supported the freedom aspirations of Christian Slovenia and East Timor). Notes : i) Whether these struggles by the muslims aim to establish the deen of Allaah in the land/s they seek to control, is another matter. ii) Whether these struggles in the muslim countries were instigated and sustained by the anti-Muslim establishments themselves is another matter to think about.

    3. a) With the help of their ally, Pakistan, they propped up a new militia, Taliban, which was charged with the reponsibility of defeating various Afghan factions which were made to fight among themselves after the defeat of Russia and the fall of the puppet government left behind by it. b) Moreover, the Taliban, after taking control of most of the districts of Afghanistan, were directed to impose a strict Islamic Rule, presumably through the clergy in Pakistan. Although Allaah does require strict justice, their system was such that without educating people about Islamic tenets, the 'shariah' was imposed by force. They thus wrongly enforced the Islamic commands, and its bad results were publicized in the Western media. (This enforcement of Islam, without educating the people, helped these powers to again show Islam in bad light, when the Taliban government was made to crumble and Afghanistan was 'liberated' from Taliban. People were shown charging towards barber shops to shave their beards and to see the movies at the theatres.)

    4) In continuation of their efforts to defame Islam and Muslims, a bizarre drama was enacted on September 11, 2001 by crashing three passenger jets on two land-mark buildings in New York. It is not by chance that a fourth plane, said to be headed towards the u.s. president's house crashed into an unpopulated area. (The fact is: The president's residential complex was to be guarded from the slightest inconvenience or threat of damage.) The incidents were blamed on Muslim hijackers.

    First of all, we should understand it well that the plane crashing could be achieved without a hijacker. The united states possesses the requisite technology since the 1970s to delink a flying plane's controls away from the pilots' hands ( i.e., in the planes that are manufactured or serviced by them).

    After disconnecting the commuications and controls from the pilots' hands using remote devices, the plane could be navigated to hit a target. (Remember, even less powerful countries like India and Pakistan possess unmanned aerial vehicles which spy on the enemy territories and return, all without a pilot.) Hasn't the U.S.A. itself sent unmanned missions to the moon many decades ago? )

    c) A fifth passenger jet, perhaps a similarly equipped stand-by plane, was destroyed after taking off from new york airport, within a few days of Sept. 11. All these five aircrafts did not send any distress signal or a hijack alert before crashing.

    d) A Saudi official, Prince Naif, reportedly informed that many of the saudi pilots alleged to have hijacked the the crashed planes were alive. Even assuming that they were not found at all, that is not an evidence that proves that they committed the crime. It is a possibility that these unsuspecting pilots were summoned for a secret meeting about a lucrative job the night before the crash and were liquidated. The world, which misses them, will keep believing that these were the persons who crashed the aircrafts. Even their wives would think that their husbands lied about some meeting about a job and committed the horrendous crime and did not take them into confidence. Another possibility is to hand the freshly trained pilots flight-tickets on these planes, calling them to attend an interview at the destination city, so that these ignorant persons board the designated aircrafts. However, keeping in view the fact that the manifests of these planes, published on the internet, show that no muslim boarded the planes, the first scenario seems more probable.

    This drama enabled the U.S. and its allies to take control of Pakistan's military facilities, dislodge and defeat those elements in the Taliban government of Afghanistan, who opposed the laying of american gas pipeline into the ocean from Turkmenistan through Afghanistan.

    If we study the role of wealthy industrialists in the world wars, it would become clear that the wars were ignited by the political leaders of the western nations, to serve the interests of these industrial empires and all the efforts undertaken by the political leaders roaming around the globe is to appease their masters, on whose pittance they happen to get 'democratically' elected to the seats of power and remain there.

    Steps taken by them to diminish the influence of Islam, are again in the same direction of further amassing their stinking riches, since Islam recommends mercy, compassion, justice, straight- forwardness and the spreading of wealth among people and is opposed to

  • interest (usury),
  • unclean foods such as pork,
  • corruption / bribery,
  • cheating,
  • lewdness and nakedness, pornography,
  • adultery, incest, and unnatural sex methods,
  • liquor and narcotics,
  • gambling and lottery,
  • wasteful / harmful expenditure like smoking, etc.,
  • acts and things that makes one forget his Creator, like music, dance, plays, mega sport events,
  • speed-driving / racing,
  • clothing from synthetic fibres,
  • pollution of environment,
  • tinkering with genetics,
  • democracy,
  • birth control, etc.
  • around which the whole Western system revolves. As a side-effect of the above-cited vices, all kinds of mental and physical diseases arise and this immensely benefits their huge hospitals and their medicines and drug industry. Thus, the non-muslim societies, headed by satan-driven powers, assisted by huge economies, military power,  science & technology and a pervading (mis)information media, want to retain their world supremacy using all illegitimate means. And in order to prevent Islam from emerging in its real and full form, they have taken lang ago, proactive pre-emptive steps to create and sustain such institutions and have installed such governments in the Islamic world which will fulfil their aspirations while apparently seeming to serve the cause of Islam and Muslims.
      When I say "Islam in its real and full form", it would send shivers down the spine of many non-muslims. Because they have been brain-washed and conditioned to believe Islam to be a synonym for terror and terrorism. Let me make it clear that terrorism - instigated by our enemies and carried out by our innocent brothers - has no place in Islam. Taking even one life without justification is like taking all lives. Allaah says in Qur-aan : "if anyone slew a person - unless it be for murder or for spreading mischief in the land - it would be as if he slew the whole people (5:32 part). Such is the enormity of the sin. This being the fact, how could killing innocent and unsuspecting men, women and children will be acceptable to Allaah. We have been told to fight the leaders of the "kuffaar" - those leading the rejection of the call to submit to the will of Allaah. In the face of continued repression, persecution, killing and burning of Muslims in many parts of the world, our learned 'ulemas' keep misleading the ummah saying that because of the trials and tribulations suffered, Allaah's help is near. They quote the happenings to the various prophets : Nooh, Ibraheem, Moosa (peace upon all of them) as to how they were persecuted and then how Allaah's help saved them all. But there is one thing which they seem to forget is that the persecution of all of them was preceded by da'wah to believe in Allaah. In these times, without trying correctly to help the deen of Allaah, we are expecting His help.

    The system left behind by the colonial powers.


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