The 'dream' of the founder.
    Many members of Tableegh Jamaa'ath know that the movement was started by Mohamed Ilyas, after he claimed that he was 'inspired' in a dream and was taught the detailed method of conducting this work. The details of the dream and the 'logic' for the method of this work is found in his 'Malfoozaat' , or his words, compiled by the late Mohamed Manzoor Ni'maani, a learned scholar who was with him till his death. You can see the image of the relevant portion copied from the Urdu book "Malfoozaat" by clicking on this link

    The main points of this discourse by Mohamed Ilyas are :
    1. Dreams are 1/46th portion of prophethood. 

    2. Some people make extra-ordinary progress through dreams because they are given true knowledge through it. 

    3. Nowadays I am being given true knowledge through dreams. 

    4. The method of this Tableegh was also revealed to me through dream. 

    5. The interpretation of the verse (3:110 part)was given to me in a dream ; that you (i.e. the Muslim Ummah) like the prophets (peace be upon them) are raised for the people, and by using the word "ukhrijath" (brought out) to denote that, it is indicated that the work can not be done by remaining in one place but there is a need to go out (door-to-door). 

    6. Your work is enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong. 

    7. By this enjoining the right, your own eeman (faith) will make progress ; Hence, do not set as purpose others' guidance and but intend your own benefit. 

    8. And in "Ukhrijath li an-Naas" (brought out for people), the Arabs are not referred to as 'An-naas" (the people) but only the non-Arabs. Because by saying about the Arabs : ( " You are not a warder over them ; nor you are responsible for them." ) it was told (to the prophet -pbuh) that guidance for them is a foregone conclusion and hence do not worry much about them. 

    9. Yes, the addressees of ("You are the best community") are the Arabs and by "An-Naas" (the people), the non-Arabs are meant.


An impossible interpretation.
    Now let us analyze the above discourse.
    1.The first thing I want to inform you about the above discourse is that the Qur-aanic words quoted above (reproduced from the book "Malfoozat") do not form a verse as quoted, anywhere in Qur-aan. The first three words form a complete verse 88:22 and the set of the remaining four words occur in the Qur-aan as part of verses No. 6:107, 39:41 and 42:6.

    2. Ask ordinary Muslim, as to whom Allaah is referring as the best community, he will tell without hesitation : He is referring to us. i.e., the Muslim Ummah. But Mohamed Ilyas was told in the dream that the best community is that of Arabs, raised for the people, the non-Arabs. Thirteen hundred years after Qur-aan was revealed, during which period every Muslim believed that he forms part of the best community, Mohamed Ilyas has been told that this honour belongs only to the Arabs.

    3. Therefore, as per the above interpretation, the Arab-Christians (millions of them reside in Syria and Lebanon) are part of the best community and all of us Muslims of Indian, Pakistani, Bangla Deshi, Indonesian, Malaysian and all other non-Arab origins are excluded from the honour of being part of the best community.

    4. The most amusing thing is that such a revised interpretation of the verse is being communicated by Allaah to a non-Arab person, Mohamed Ilyas, who is excluded from the best community, as per the interpretation allegedly given to him.

    5. It is incomprehensible how the misquoted verses,, relate exclusively to the Arabs.

    6. Please see point number 5 of the translation. You will be astonished to note that in spite of so much of lying, misquoting and misinterpreting, the following words: "you (i.e. the Muslim Ummah)" is mentioned in the beginning to explain the word : you. This can be seen in the original Urdu text also. Even without his knowledge, he admits the truth and then goes on to tell lies to misinterpret the word : you. Thus, he is exposed as a liar through his own words.

Motive behind the misinterpretation.
    Soon, we shall study the motive behind this misinterpretation.

    First, I reproduce below the whole verse and its translation and then its interpretation : 

    " You are the best community raised for the people ;
    You enjoin what is right and forbid what is wrong ;
    and you believe in Allaah ;
    And if the people of the scripture had believed, it had been better for them ;
    Of them are believers, but most of them are transgressors. "

    The identification of the addressees of this verse resides in the words "you believe in Allaah". The best community referred in the verse, therefore, is the one which believes in Allaah. The believers in Allaah are being empowered to enjoin right and forbid wrong. And who are "the people" for whom the best community has been raised ? Those other than the believers in Allaah, i.e., "Those who do not believe in Allaah ". The foremost good required in Islaam is "Belief in One God : Allaah" and the most detested wrong is "ascribing partners to Allaah". That is the starting point. We have to begin with enjoining belief in One God, Allaah, and forbid attributing any partner to Him. The verse continues : "And if the people of the scripture had believed, it had been better for them ; Of them are believers, but most of them are transgressors. "

    With the above interpretation, we know that there is no question of Arabs and non-Arabs in the above verse and there is no room in Islam for such differentiation.

    Then, what is the motive behind the blatant misinterpretation done by Mohamed Ilyas ? It is simple. He wanted to dispossess the Muslim community, of the authority given by Allaah to do Tableegh among non-Muslims. So, he gave a new and false Arab/Non-Arab dimension to the substance of the verse, besides using the verse to invent a lie claiming 'revelation through dream', to start his counterfeit da'wah work among Muslims.

    The whole scheme can be put in a nutshell : "The Muslim community must not reform, so that it remains deprived of the authority to reform others."

    And in order to make them believe that they are indeed discharging their duty of reform, he put them on a never-ending cycle of activity, calling it  "khurooj fee sabeelillaah" i.e., 'going out in the path of Allaah'.

    Allaah has said: 

    41:40 "Indeed those who distort Our revelations are not hidden from Us. Is he who is hurled into the fire better, or he who comes safe through, on the day of resurrection? Do what you will. He indeed sees what you do. "

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