Innocent babbles.

One of my relatives, who used to be deeply involved with the Tableegh Jamaa'ath group, sometimes unknowingly gave out information - while praising and priding over his group or its leaders - which proved valuable for me.

1. He once said that at (international) airports someone holding a Qur-aan may sometimes have problems because of it, but not someone who is having a "Fazaa-il-e-A'amaal" with him. ("Fazaa-il-e-A'amaal" is the book which their members are forced to read day and night, in place of Qur-aan.)

2. He narrated the problems he and his friends encountered at airports during a 4-month foreign expedition. In contrast, he said, their elders pass through the airport formalities without any problem, because they hold a card, "Red Key" or a similar name, issued by the u.s.a., as they are working for 'peace'.

3. Once I warned him not to go to the Tableegh Jamaa'ath head quarters in Delhi, even though he is an old member of the group. I told him that if they withhold him there and ask me to come, I will not come. (This was a possibility because I had published a study about them.)

His reply :

"Our elders do not care about such writings. They have no time to study or reply to such writings. They sometimes do reply if they choose to. If they start replying to each and everything that is written about them, they cannot work. Our elders do not do all the work of their own whims and fancies. It is all done with proper consultation. Every year when our elders go to Hajj, they have thorough consultation with the 'aalims (learned people) in Madinah and then the same is discussed in the annual world congregation (ijtimaa') in Bangladesh, and stock is taken as to how many persons worldwide have turned away (became Murattad) from Deen (Islam)."

Important points to be noted in the above :

·  The control and direction for the group, apparently head-quartered in Delhi, remains in Madeenah (where, the founder of the group Mohamed Ilyaas, claimed to have been instructed to start the 'effort' by the prophet - peace upon him- in a dream. Now we know who really instructed him.)

·  In the Ijtimaa' in Bangladesh, they take stock of how many persons worldwide have turned away (became Murattad) from Deen and not how many embraced Islaam, due to their tableegh ! That explains their real focus.

Several years ago in Madeenah, in the mosque named after the prophet, two men belonging to the Tableegh Jamaa'ath approached me and asked me to visit an apartment nearby, which was used by them to promote the activites of the Jamaa'ath. They said that the (Saudi) government did not allow the activities of the Jamaa'ath and, hence, everything is done here secretly and their apartment served the purpose of their markaz in Madeenah.

Can you digest the fact that the very same group whose activites are apparently banned in Saudi Arabia, is controlled by the (government-controlled) 'aalims of Madeenah? And the idea that the control and sponsorship of all or several other conflicting groups remains vested in Madeenah, in not far-fetched.

Allaah has said:

9:101 "And among those around you of the wandering Arabs there are hypocrites, and among the townspeople of Al-Madinah, who persist in hypocrisy whom you know not. We, We know them, and We shall punish them twice; then they will be relegated to a painful doom."

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