Layers upon layers of misguidance.

Our enemies, (under the control of our arch-enemy: satan), succeeded in dividing us and thus pushing us into the deepest stratum of misguidance. In our part of the world (South Asia), we keep defending the 'reformative' effort which came our way and which we have blindly adopted: for example, Tableegh Jamaa'ath or Jamaa'ath Islaami or another. Throughout our life, we would defend a particular Jamaa'ath, its founder, its leaders, its members and its books and, at the same time, denigrate the founder, leaders, members and the books of another Jamaa'ath. We are victims of deception of the highest class. Our real enemy has kept us engaged in fighting at a superficial level, while we are buried under layers upon layers of misguidance.

For convenience in explaining, I call this Level-4 dispute, the level of the so-called reformative Jamaa'aths, i.e., whether you belong to Tableegh Jamaa'ath or Jamaa'ath Islaami or another. Before these Jamaa'aths came our way, we were fighting at a deeper level, Level 3, the level of the madhabs, .i.e., whether you are a hanafi, or a maliki, etc. or whether you are a wahabi or a salafi or whatever. Before that and also sometimes now, we fight at another level : Level 2, .i.e., whether you are a Sunni or a Shia. All this makes us completely forget the Level 1 questionWhether we are Muslims or something else. But our enemies never forget that we are muslims. That is why they sponsored all these internecine groups among us : to make us forget that we are Muslims and keep fighting among ourselves fragmented and never become free to turn towards them united.

Thus, to counter Allaah's preference to provide "noorun 'ala noor", (Light upon Light), our enemies decided to bury us under layers upon layers of darkness of misguidance and ignorance.

By studying the articles relating to the Tableegh Jamaa'ath, we came to know the real face of the most sincere-looking organisation in our Level-4 divisions. This being the case with the most popular and sincere-looking organisation, we can very well imagine the reality of the other jamaa'aths which were sponsored at the same time in the Indian sub-comtinent, i.e., Jamaa'ath Islaami and Qaadiani group. By discarding and overcoming the level-4 disputes alone, we are not out of the zwulumaath, the darknesses. We have two more layers of darkness upon us which we have to remove, that of the madhhabs - the sub-sects and then the sectarian dispute of Sunni and Shia.

As a result of my publishing the articles on the internet, detailing the practices of the Tableegh Jamaa'ath and the sufi people, and also as a reaction to the way I conduct my swalaah (prayers), some people wanted to categorize me with the label of shia.

I consider others calling me a shia, a sufi, a deruze, a barelvi, a deobandi, an ahle-hadeeth, an ahle-qur-aan, a sunni or a supporter of such-and-such group or person, and in short, all names other than "a muslim", as equally insulting abuses.

By identifiying and removing the distinguishing acts and beliefs that divide us into a sunni or a shia or one of their sub-sects, we can insha-Allaah move towards the Unity of the Ummah and thus be able to merely call ourselves: "Muslims".

Most of us Muslims do not believe that they are in error at all. The position that we are not in error, is only comparative. We are only better; but not free from error. That is, compared to those people who believe that there are several gods or those who take prophets and messengers to be gods or include them (make shareek - shirk) with The God, or those who indulge in idol-worship, etc. So, our clever enemies have not tried to have us openly engage in these blatantly wrong things, i.e., open kufr, shirk, isthahzaa' , etc. but have got us engaged in these things in a manner in which we ourselves do not understand or realize that we are comitting shirk and kufr and isthahzaa' of Allaah's words.

The articles in the following pages will help us to understand, in the light of Qur-aan, the following things:

1. Who are our enemies who want us to go astray.

2. Our chances of getting re-united as "Muslims".

3. The munkar practices (those which are not recognised in Qur-aan) introduced in our acts of ibaadah / prayers (literal meaning of ibaadah is service), which are intended to make us commit acts of kufr (rejection) and istahzaa' (derision) of Allaah's words, which are utilised, moreover, to create further sub-divisions among us by introducing variations in it, for example, how a hanafi's sign of so-called shahaadah in his prayer varies from that of a salafi.

4. Explanation of : Obeying Allaah and His messenger.

5. Explanation of : The responsibility of the messengers to convey the word of Allaah.

To those of our Muslim brothers who are not willing to believe that we are in error, (meaning all of us who are still in one sect or the other, one sub-sect or the other, one kind of group or the other and each one is happy and fully satisfied with what they possess), let me tell them that this position of theirs is no different from those to whom The Book was given earlier and about whom Allaah says:

"But they split their religion (amar) among them into sects, each group rejoicing in that which is with itself. " (23:53)

(Translation note : Arabic amar : literally a command or a decree).

"Of those who split up their religion and became schismatics, each sect rejoicing in that which is with itself! " (30:32)

In the next page, I have mentioned the identity of our enemies, as detailed in Qur-aan, who were determined to - and have succeeded in - misguiding the Muslim ummah. This did not happen without a fore-warning. Allaah did warn us to beware of the groups of people specified by Him, who want us go astray and become like themselves and become their equals. Allaah says in Qur-aan:

" And Allaah will not let go astray a people after He has guided them, until He had made clear unto them what they should fear (and avoid) ; Indeed Allaah has knowledge of all things." 9:115

In-sha-Allaah, we will read in the next article the details of those people about whom Allaah warned us to be on guard against.

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