Number of Rak'ats in swalaah.

We have studied the special and exclusive deeds of one of the factions of Islaam and we have also studied the munkar deeds in our swalaah (prayers), i.e., those deeds which have nowhere been mentioned in the Qur-aan. From these studies, we came to know that the munkar deeds are not interpolated into our actions simply without any reason, but a comtempt or ridicule of the verses of Qur-aan are hidden behind these munkar deeds.

Similarly, the number of rak'ats in different times of swalaah arbitrarily increased to three and four by our ill-wishers is also not without reason, but the derision and ridicule of the first verse of Surah Faatir is hidden behind it :

" Praise be to Allaah, the Creator of the heavens and the earth, Who appoints the angels messengers having wings two, three and four. He adds to creation what He wills. Indeed, Allaah has power over all things. " (35:1)

Fajr prayer was left untouched; Maghrib prayer was made to consist of three rak'ats and rest of the prayers were made to consist of four rak'ats each.

Fajr prayer was left untouched, because they will increase only what they wish, competing with Allaah, who has said : "He adds to creation what He wills." So, this one, Fajr, they have not willed, so they will not increase in it. For rest of the times, they have increased as they willed : three or four.

Now, they have done more ridicule with the verse by setting up a witr prayer with one rak'at, (which is prayed additionally after completing two rak'ats) in one of the factions of the muslims, thereby wanting to prove that while Allaah has only increased as he willed, they are able to also decrease.

9:64 "The hypocrites fear lest a surah should be revealed concerning them, proclaiming what is in their hearts. Say: Scoff ! Indeed, Allaah will bring out what you fear.
9:65 And if you ask them they will say: We did but talk and joke. Say: Was it at Allaah and His revelations and His messenger that you did scoff ? "

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