Where have all the hypocrites gone?

Even in the days of our prophet Muhammad (peace upon him), the munaafiqoon used to be a trouble-some force to reckon with. Pages after pages of Qur-aan deal with this subject of Munaafiqoon. There is even a Soorah in Qur-aan bearing their name. But today we hear no more about them. Where have they all gone? How were we able to eradicate them so successfully, which even the prophet couldn't, in his time? Have we eradicated them or have we surrendered to them?

We could get a clue of what happened, from the following three verses of Qur-aan.

17:73 "And they indeed strove hard to tempt you away from that which We had revealed unto you, that you should invent other than it in Our name; then they would certainly have made you (their) friend!"

17:74 "And if We had not made you firm, you might almost have inclined unto them a little" ;

17:75 "In that case, We would have made you taste a double (punishment) of living and a double (punishment) of dying, then you would have found none as a helper against us."

In the above verses, Allaah - subhaanahu wa ta'aala - says that they (meaning the disbelievers -kuffaar -or their agents : the hypocrites - munaafiqoon) tried hard to tempt the prophet away from Qur-aan, so that he should invent in Allaah's name, things other than what was actually revealed unto him. Had not Allaah made the prophet firm-footed, he would have almost yielded to their machinations a little. In that case, they would have certainly made the prophet their friend.

The reason why there are no hypocrites now, is that the entire ummah had long ago yielded to what our prophet had resisted with Allaah's help. We, on the other hand, accepted what the kuffaar invented in Allaah's name, other than Qur-aan and attributed such invention to the prophet. The people some period after the prophet wavered and accepted other than that which was inspired upon the prophet. So the present chieftains of the munaafiqoon consider all of us as their friends, and we (including the munaafiqoon), are all are branded as "Muslims", as long as we accept what their ancestors and forefathers invented other than Qur-aan - wrongly invoking Allaah's command to obey the messenger - and as long as we remain in one division or the other created by them, using such inventions.

The friendship between the leaders of Muslim countries and the oppressors of the Muslim Ummah is so thick, that they do not waste even a single opportunity to rub their cheeks with each other. And so is the relationship between our political and religious leaders. Actually, the chain of friendship runs like this. The wicked among Jews have one of their arms over the satan's shoulders and their other hand is over the Christians' political leaders. The Christians' political leaders befriend Muslims' political leaders, who in turn have close rapport with the Muslims' religious leaders. The Muslims' religious leaders control the Muslim masses.

In one of its issues, the Urdu monthly "Al-Furqaan" (from Lakhnau, India) wondered loudly as to why, when one of the leaders of an Extremist Hindu party from India visited Pakistan, the Pakistani government and the Muslim religious leaders gave a warm welcome to him and hugged the leader? So much so that the leader was invited to inaugurate a Hindu temple in Pakistan. Is it because, the magazine asked, the same leader presided over the demolition of a mosque in India that he was given the opportunity to inaugurate a temple in Pakistan?

The reason is not far to seek, if you consider the chain of friendship described in the previous paragraph.

A visit to the Muslim Raabita, Makkah.

Several years ago, I visited the World Muslim League (Raabita) office in Makkah. My purpose was to find out if they could help me with some lessons that could be used to learn Qur-aanic Arabic, with the help of English. I wanted to make a computer programme or a video so that it would be easy for the people to learn Arabic through it and understand the Qur-aan while reading or while listening to it.

I met an official who was a Saudi citizen. After listening to my request, he said : "Why? They (the people) can read the translation?". Then he suggested that I could meet another official, who was an Indian, to whom, he felt, I could explain better.

Then I met the official, who was of Indian origin. He listened to me request and asked me to send my proposal in writing, so that my request could be placed in their next meeting of the officials, for consideration.

Then he showed me around the publication division and we came back to his office. Referring to the Bosnian mayhem (which was raging at that time) and other troubles that were brewing then, he said:
"It appears that these problems were occurring here and there in an isolated manner. Actually these are part of a well-devised plan. The western world is thirty years ahead of us. By the time we reach their status, they would have gone further ahead. The 'New World Order' is nothing but the plan to destroy Islamic nations one by one. They have prepared the plan for the next fifteen to twenty years. Even if the lay on our table their plans, as to what they intend to do, we can do nothing about it."

When I thought over what he spoke, I understood that all that was not his personal thoughts. An Indian working for the Saudi government controlled organisation will not speak this far, unless it be the officially promoted line of thinking. It was nothing but a propaganda to break the back of an already spineless ummah. With billions of Riyals at their disposal and the whole ummah looking upon them for leadership, if they promote such a thinking, whose purpose does the World Mulsim League serve? Having an office within 10 kilometers of Masjidul Haraam has not helped them put their trust in Allaah, who does not seem to find a place in their whole scheme.

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